Oct 16, 2012

Sheldon's doppler effect costume in penny's party from big bang theory

Sheldon's doppler effect costume
Sheldon's doppler effect costume

This doppler effect costume is so so so classics Sheldon that there can not find any one online store sells this doppler effect costume .But I love this doppler effect so much , so, I search for the doppler effect t shirts below.

Do you know what is doppler effect? "It is the apparent change in the frequency of a wave caused by relative motion betwen the source of the wave and the observer"(use sheldon's words).
In fact, I would like to buy one this costume to go to a party..lol.. that must be the "most frightening,most authentic,most accurate visualization of a scientific principal" costume!!

Sheldon Cooper Doppler Effect Adult Costume

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Doppler Barcode Costume

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Chylène Ploeg said...

I thinking this is the exact Same one Isn't it.

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